Email on Release Success/Fail

Is there a way to do an email when an entire release finishes? We are currently doing the environment per customer setup outlined here:

Rather than receiving an email per environment when each one finishes, we want to receive a single fail/success email. Is there anything to do this?


Thanks for reaching out. How is your current release setup:

  • How are you triggering the builds? (manually, using octo.exe or as part of a build process, using Automatic Release Creation)
  • Are you always deploying to all of your customer’s environments?
  • Are you using lifecycles?

While i wait for your reply, i’ll give it a thought on how/if this can be done.



Hey Dalmiro,

Currently our builds/releases are manual. We do not always deploy to all environments on a release. We are using lifecycles to separate out which environments have QA/UAT/Prod as not all production customers have QA/UAT environments (Octopus projects). We found that without the configuration of lifecycles, the dashboard was very busy because every environment would show up in every project. The lifecycles are flat, and do not have any promote hierarchy to them.



I gave this a hard thought (and even asked my teammates for an opinion) and I reached to the conclusion that given your current deployment structure (one env per customer, not always deploying to all of them) there is not an easy way to achieve what you are trying to do. The best approach we could come up with was to build some script/program against the API that queues lots of deployments, monitors them all to finish, and then sends an email depending on the result. Other than that, your best bet would be to stick with the email per environment.

Sorry its not better news.