Email Notifications in Subscription

Hi Octopus Team,

I am trying to setup a subscription (Certificate expiry in 20 days warning) with email notification.
One thing I am confused is that why the email notifications is sent periodically? All I need is one email notification when the specified certificate expire in 20 days. Please help me to clarify.

Thank you.

Hi Jian,

Could you please attach a screenshot of the subscription details in Octopus?


Hi Michael,

Thanks for getting back, I thought the subscription details is very clear as you can check them out on your own Octopus Server too. Anyway, I have included a screenshot of the email subscription, I am just curious that why there is Email Frequency feature, all I want is just getting email notification when the specified event are triggered.

Or am I misunderstood something here?

Thanks in Advance

Ahh, I understand your question now.

Your notification email will be sent only once.

The ‘Email Frequency’ field is used to prevent too many emails being sent. For example, if you select a frequency of daily and there are 100 relevant events generated in one day, you will be sent a single email with a digest of the 100 events.

In your case, because certificate expiry events should be relatively rare, I think leaving the frequency at the 1 hour default should be fine.

I hope that helps.

Thank you :slight_smile: