Ed25519 ssh key support for ssh targets

There were already topics about this I just want to remind octopus team that ubuntu 22.04 has rsa hashes disabled by default and I could not make it work with octopus.

Hi Boris,

Thanks for reaching out. This might be an Octopus Versioning issue. Which version are you currently trying to use? Looking at the code I believe anything after 2021.1.7466 should work in this case.

Can you please share your process and any commands used, but censored? Please feel free to DM me anything that can’t be posted here.


Are you trying to tell me ED25519 support was added in that version?

I was using version from around 6 mounths ago and now I updated to the latest.
Should I try again?

Hey Boris,

Here is our supported key formats: GitHub - OctopusDeploy/SSH.NET: SSH.NET is a Secure Shell (SSH) library for .NET, optimized for parallelism.

We last updated our library in 2021.1.7466, so if you see the keys on there that you want to use, a version beyond that should have it. Which version of Octopus Deploy were you using and having trouble with?


Awesome. You added support in the meantime, maybe you should mention it in documentation?
It works now, sorry for disturbance.

Good morning @hexboris,

Thank you for the feedback, whilst we do cite all the key formats in the documentation Jeremy provided we do not have those in our official documentation, mainly because we already have it on the other page.

We do allude to using it though on pages such as this one - Octopus Deploy - Registering an SSH Target.

I hope that helps, we are glad to see this now works for you, if you need any help in the future please dont hesitate to reach out,

Kind Regards,


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