ECR Feeds only show the first 100 repositories

When using an AWS ECR External feed, the package search and matching only returns if the item is in the first 100 repos.

Is there any chance you could use the paging API?

Hi Peter,

Thanks for getting in touch! It looks like you may be running into the following issue.

It looks like this was resolved in Octopus 2019.5.12. If you are running this version or a later version and still encountering this issue, please let me know.

Otherwise, you will need to upgrade your Octopus server in order to receive the fix.

Let me know how you go here.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

We’re seeing this behaviour on v2019.12.1 LTS

Also it looks like that issue you mentioned was with the number of images in an ECR repository, not the number of ECR repositories in an account.