ECR External feed doesn't work with web proxy

Following on to the below topic. for reference. I thought the issue was resolved, however, eventually it didnt.

Below is the detailed description of the issue which I am still facing:

  1. We are running Octopus (v2022.3, Build 10437) in windows using the service account sv-octopus.
  2. We have configured the proxy settings on the windows server (Ref. the screenshot).
  3. We have configured the bypass list on the proxy settings as well, for the urls which doesn’t need to go via proxy. This bypass list also includes the url of ECR. (Ref. the screenshot).
  4. The proxy configuration is working fine for all the other urls except for ECR external feed. Where we are getting an error message (Ref. the screenshot).
  5. ECR external feed works perfectly fine when we disable proxy.

I suspect, this does mean that ECR external feed doesn’t recognize the proxy bypass list or am I missing something here?

Please suggest a solution here. As this impacting our production deployments.

Octopus-ECR-Integration-issue.docx (419.1 KB)

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