Dynamically deploy config map from a repo to kubernetes

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I want to deploy config map dynamically from a repo like gitlab,github etc. When our team updated any config map yml on vcs we want to push to kubernetes via octopus step. is there any solutions to achive that ? I know there in octopus we could deploy config map as raw yaml but this is not dynamically for us.

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Could you give me more information about why the “Deploy config map as raw YAML” step will not work for you?

One way to achieve this is to package the config map as a build artifact and use that in your Octopus release.

When a change to the file is pushed to the code repository, this triggers a build, and the build can trigger the creation of an Octopus release with the new package. Alternatively, the build can push the package to Octopus, with this triggering a release and deployment. The documentation for this can be found here: https://octopus.com/docs/projects/project-triggers/automatic-release-creation

You can scope the config map to use if, for example, the files are specific to an environment.


Hi @lianne.crocker

Thank you for your help , I think I should look now how ı could package config map as artifact and use it on octopus step.

Thank you so much again.

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