Dynamic Worker can not be leased

Randomly some steps in our Deployment process fail because a dynamic worker is leased to execute the step, but seems to hang and times out after 30 mins.

The Task Log shows following entries:

Worker not ready, waiting 60s
June 4th 2020 12:19:41Info
Worker not ready, waiting 60s
June 4th 2020 12:20:42Info
Worker not ready, waiting 60s
June 4th 2020 12:20:42Fatal
The action Teams - Deployment Notification on a Worker failed

We contacted Octopus support already about this issue, and they fixed it at that time by restarting the Octopus Cloud instance.

This week the issue occurred again multiple times and on several days and prevented us from running our deployment processes!
However the problem seems to be fixed again overnight and did not occur anymore today.

Hi @coolorange,

Thanks for getting in touch!

Azure experienced an outage yesterday that prevented us from being able to create new workers for around 5 hours.

They have resolved their issue so you shouldn’t see any further problems today.


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