Dynamic Package via prompt variable


I would like to set up a prompt variable so the user can choose the package to deploy
I have tried to set up this configuration but when i create release it show the variable name instead of its value

I tried to use octopus variable as well but with no success

Is there a way to set up dynamic package ?



Thanks for getting in touch,

I appreciate the detailed overview of your goal, this really helps out!

At this stage, it’s not currently possible to determine which package is deployed the way you have outlined, unfortunately.

One method I can think of (in order to use prompted variables) would be to;

  1. Have a Deploy Package Step in your Deployment Process for each unique Package/Version. (Right off the bat, this sounds like a lot of noise in your Deployment Process depending on the number of packages, this would be alleviated somewhat if you updated existing steps with new package id’s as they become available, however, some micromanagement is involved.)

  2. Each of the Deployment steps would have a Run Condition that is based on a Variable expression being true. The variable for each step would be a unique prompted variable (preferably using a detailed Label/Description to make it easier during deployment to determine which prompted variable relates to each package/version) - Again, this would cause a lot of noise in your project variables.

  3. During Deployment, the user can enter a value in the associated parameter, if left empty the associated step will not run, in this way you can control which step is actioned; (Some issues I foresee here are that this is very error-prone & the list would again be very long depending on the number of deploy package steps you have.

Your idea, however, sounds like a great way to make Octopus even better!

I’d recommend heading over to our User Voice area, feel free to leave your vote and thoughts as it would be valuable to get your insight on how this would help your deployment process, the User Voice area is our main avenue when considering new features/enhancements like this based on community support.

If i’ve misunderstood in any way or you require any further assistance or clarification please let me know :slight_smile:

Kind Regards,


Dear Reece

I am not quite understand your solution, As the problem occurs when we Create Release. It seems that if the name of the package is not defined, the user cant select the package version.

I have a project which include 1 deploy step with package ID “MyPackage”.

I would like to run same step with MyPackage_V1

When I Define V1 as a Variable Octo don’t recognize the package ID as “MyPackage_V1”, and instead it prompt the “MyPackage_#{VariableName}”

The variable prompt phase appear only after create release was selected and, I review the release with the packages, and at this point The package ID is not recognize.

Workaround for me was to Clone the project and use Octopus.Release.Channel.Name as a VAR
to get the Suffix of the Package name.
But I still need to clone the project each time.

Any other suggestions ?


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