Dynamic feed results in false positive errors on release page

Hello, we’ve been using dynamic feeds and packages for some time now. We’re currently on 2019.6.3 which was updated on 7/9/2019 (previous version was 2019.1.10). The package version is being passed through from TeamCity Octopus plugin with the --packageversion argument. The package feed is supplied via variable scoped to the environment.

Now the issue that we’re having I don’t know when it started or if it’s always been an issue. I’m being told it was not previously an issue. But when reviewing the release in Octopus the packages section shows the error “The package was not found in the feed.” However, the package is in the feed, it is accessible, AND if we ignore this error and deploy to the environment it works. So the message appears to be a false positive which I assume is related to the dynamic feed/package.

Is this expected?


Hi Josh,

Thanks for getting in touch! I can certainly see the confusion this would cause, I’m sorry about that. What I suspect the reason for this is the way your feed variables are scoped. Before deploying, only unscoped variables are able to be evaluated here, since there’s not yet any context to pull any other value. Can you send some screenshots showing how your feed variables are configured?

If this is the case in your scenario, you could avoid this message by setting the unscoped variable value to be the correct feed which the package exists in, and the other scoped values will be picked up on deployments to their relevant scopes.

I hope that helps, and I look forward to hearing back. :slight_smile:

Best regards,


Thanks for the reply Kenneth.

I just took a look at the feed variable, and someone did add an un-scoped variable to the feed last week. I verified that packages that would have resolved with the unscoped value did resolve correctly on releases that would have used that value.

I removed the unscoped value and the red error “The package was not found in the feed.” has gone away and replaced with “Package will be resolved during deployment.” which doesn’t give off that “error flag” that was concerning our support stuff on the production deployments.

Thank you for your time, the issue is understood now and I’ll work with the teams on what their preference is.

Hi Josh,

Thanks for following up and letting me know the outcome here. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions or concerns moving forward. :slight_smile:

Best regards,


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