Duplicate variable name between Step Template and Project

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Many things have been said about the verbose message indicating a collision between a Step Template parameter and a variable.

In the Github issue Duplicate variable name between Step Template and Project might cause confusions Rob mentions that a verbose logging entry was added a long time ago.

There are mentions of using prefixes for parameter names used in Step Templates, but it is not enforced.

Recently we had a situation where an update of a Step Template that introduced a variable named WebsiteName (which is not too uncommon to use as a variable) suddenly causing issues in the deployment. It took a while to find out what went wrong since verbose logging is not visible by default.

It would be helpful if it were possible to generate a warning or maybe even an error if the collision occurs. Would it be possible to add a debugging variable that will log the message as warning or error instead of verbose?

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I’ve had a chat to the team and we agree that increasing the log level for this issue to warning is something we should do as it has come up a number of times now for other customers as well.

I’ve raised this GitHub issue to have this implemented as soon as convenient.

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Is there a way to disable this behavior, we now have multiple projects that are spreving warnings every where, even tho we are well aware of this behavior?


We have added a system variable to allow logging this warning as verbose instead and will be released in 3.17 that will be released in the very near future.

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