Duplicate usernames appearing in Users

For some reason I am seeing users with the same username appear in the “Configuration\Users” page. They do have distinct user identifiers, but somehow have duplicate usernames.

It is impossible to delete the duplicates (Octopus 1.6.1 reports this feature is not available yet) or rename the usernames.

We use IIS Windows Authentication

While this in of itself is not really a problem, when managing Permissions and Groups it’s a little messy as I need to add duplicates to the groups.

I suspect that this probably occurred some time ago during an upgrade - we’ve been using Octopus pre the Raven 2.0 migration

Can I remove the duplicates through the Raven console? How will that affect audit history etc of existing deployments (I am aware that not being relational, this would be OK as names are probably denormalized). I’d just like to get a “blessed” de-duplication procedure from the octo gods. :wink:


Hi Pete,

Deleting the users will probably break if any of them have been used, but you could go into RavenDB and change the usernames on the users - this should be OK (just take a backup first in case).

In the next Octopus release we’ll fix the way we deal with windows authentication users and deleting users.


FYI I am also seeing a duplicated user (v1.6.0) but we are not using AD. In the user panel, I can’t change the username (obviously), can’t delete (not implemented); can’t even disable – it complains that the username isn’t unique! Bit of a kerfuffle …