Downloading wrong artifacts version


I created a package using TeamCity and I’m deploying that package version 0.0.20986.192 and when Octopus downloads the artifacts from TeamCity it downloads version 3.1.20970.3. I wanted Octopus to download artifacts version 0.0.20986.192.

Even when creating a package manually using Octopus Interface it defaults to artifacts version 3.1.20970.3 also.

How can I create a package in TeamCity with version 0.0.20986.192 pointing to artifacts version 0.0.20986.192?


Hi Miguel,

Thanks for getting in touch! When creating and pushing packages from TeamCity to Octopus, Octopus uses the latest
You need to define the package using package version when you create a release. We have a good documentation page on using TeamCity with Octopus.
Under Triggering Deployments from TeamCity if you look at the image it shows you how to define the package version for the additional command line arguments.

Please let me know if this helps you.