Dotnet octo pack & nuspec files

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We have been converting our CsProj files to the new dotnet core format while still targeting .net framework, and are looking for the best way to create deployable nuget packages.

Perhaps I am mixing models but I’ve been wanting to run “dotnet octo pack…” to pick up the CsProj package metadata, and have had some success except for specifying (or implying) a nuspec file.

Does dotnet octo pack support nuspec files?
If so, how can I specify or imply the nuspec file to the dotnet octo pack command?

If not:
The all-the-files-in-the-output-folder approach almost works for us, but we want to swap out the config files. In a dev-local build we want functional config files. In a deployable package we want Octopus-substitutable config files. So we have a parallel set of substitutable config files in a subfolder octopus that we substitute in when creating the package:


Can this be specified on the octo command line?


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