Does the Tentacle service support TCP Port Sharing?

It would be nice if it could share ports 80/443 with IIS so we don’t have to open additional firewall holes on the server.

Hey James,

Tentacle uses HTTP which is managed by HTTP.sys, so port sharing is technically supported. However Tentacle expects to listen on the root (i.e., http://localhost:10930/) rather than a virtual directory, so sharing it with IIS isn’t possible.

One option I’m thinking of adding is to listen on http://localhost:80/Temporary_Listen_Addresses/Tentacle, which means no additional ports need to be mapped to HTTP.sys. This might be in a future release once I’ve thought through the security implications of it.


That would work. How about being able to specify a specific IP address instead of using the root?

Any progress on this? For us in corporate environments, this is a major hindrance when attempting to implement hybrid solutions.

Hi Jules,

No this isn’t something on our radar at the moment.


Thanks Damian. It’s a common constraint across the CD world.

Solution Architect