Documentation site is down seems to be down.

Down for me as well


The site is down indeed. We are working to get it back up as soon as possible.

Sorry for the inconveniences caused by this. We’ll update this thread once we can bring it back up.


Hey Dalmiro,

Any news on when the docs site will be available again?



Hi Stuart,

Unfortunately our hosting provider for our docs is down. We are trying to get through and get it resolved ASAP. Seems like they are having a major outage, sorry.

Will absolutely let you know when it is back up. Sorry for the disruption.



Do you have backup site with documentation? The main site is down quite a long time…


Yea, backup site would by nice :slight_smile:

We are waiting too.

Still waiting. There lies the issue with online documentation.


Hosting provider is still down unfortunately. We’ll update this thread as soon as the site is back online.

Once the site is back online, we’ll make sure this doesn’t happen again.


Since Paul says you are going to switch to a new provider, can’t you just redeploy the docs site somewhere else right now and change the DNS records?

Try using the Internet archive in the mean time.

Hi support,

Can you email us the latest upgrade documentation for Octopus server?

Hi Folks,

Docs site is back up. We are also in the process of moving it to self hosting (with some lovely redundancy).

We are very sorry it was such an extended outage.