Docker support (EC2, Azure, or other)

Has anyone written an Octopus deploy script/helper to deploy applications via Docker? I am looking at using AWS or Azure to host the images. What I would imagine such a script would do would be to upload the image to docker hub (or some other private repository), then do the steps needed to deploy that image on EC2/Azure. Has anyone tried this? Any suggestions/alternatives?


Hi Erick,

This was posted in chat and I thought of you:

Hi Erick,

(I was just typing up another reply when Shane sent that. )

I don’t know of anybody using Docker with Octopus Deploy yet, although I’m sure somebody is doing it somewhere. It’s something we’re keeping an eye on ( ) but we’re not sure yet on what first class container support will look like for us.

So I don’t have any great advice for you, but would love to hear how you go.



This project has been put on the back burned for the moment, but once it’s running, I’ll post an update.