Docker Hub login issue on hosted ubuntu (External Feeds)

I’m trying to pull a docker image into the container image for a “run a script” step.

When running on the default worker pool (Windows) I get the expected “linux” can’t be used… error showing it has connected to docker hub successfully and pulled the image.

When switching to a hosted Ubuntu worker I get an “Unable to log in Docker Registry” error, implying it is not picking up the credentials from the External feed correctly.

Is this a known issue or have I misunderstood how the external feeds work between worker pools?


Hi @simonathompson!

Thanks for reaching out, and sorry to hear that you’re experiencing issues with pulling docker containers on your Cloud instance.

This should function identically, from the Octopus side here, so I imagine this is just the order in which Docker does its checks internally, on Windows it checks if it can run that architecture before it tries the next step, which requires authentication, perhaps?

Just as a heads-up that DockerHub did deprecate their v1 API that did allow anonymous access to certain endpoints in September, so now DockerHub feeds to require authentication to work. You can find more information here: Creating a Release for a project that relies on DockerHub is failing with an error "410 Gone" · Issue #7755 · OctopusDeploy/Issues · GitHub

I hope this helps, please let us know if you have any further questions.

Hi Justin,

The external feed is set up to use authentication and I can verify on the “external feed test” page that the feed is working and that if I remove the credentials I get an error.

Therefore I don’t believe this is a docker hub issue. I also don’t believe you can check the container architecture without logging in, besides, the screenshot attached shows the “Login succeeded” message on the windows host which I believe is the handshake with docker hub.



Very strange indeed, @simonathompson!

Would you be able to send through the raw task logs for both of those runs to our secure file upload, and I’ll take a look and see if I can find any clues as to what the root cause is here?

thanks @Justin_Walsh, uploaded

Thanks @simonathompson - will dig into this some more, and circle back around with updates as soon as they come to hand.

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