Do we have approval previlige to deploy from octopus deploy to our prod env


Do we have any process to be followed so that approval takes place before deploying our applictaions to eks through octopus deploy

Hi @kakarlayogitha
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This page with an explanatory video has a lot of detail as well as basic steps to achieve intervention with approval before deployment:

There are ways to fine tune when the approval is required with variables and run conditions so it is only done when specifically needed.
This video explains using output variables as the condition for invoking the intervention for approval:

Let me know if you need any further assistance with this.

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Thanks for the video.It was really helpful .

From the video , I understood that we can assign to particular group to approve the step to proceed further deployments . so it cannot be assigned to particular person ?
and can it send some notification to that group when any manual approval is pending in their teams queue ?

and when it is pending in particular queue , any person from that queue can assign to themselves and approve it . correct ? and not only approve . the next deployment process happens with his id . right ?

Please let me know for any best practices as well

Hi @kakarlayogitha,

That’s correct, a Manual Intervention step can only be linked to a Team, not an individual. There is, of course, nothing stopping you from creating a new Team that only includes a single individual though.

If you want to send a notification out when the manual intervention step triggers, the best option would be to add an email notification step to your deployment process that runs before the “Manual Intervention” step. This email step would be configured to send to the same team.

Once the manual intervention step triggers, the deployment will pause and can only be restarted by a user that belongs to the Team that is configured within the step. Once approved the deployment will unpause and continue to run the remaining steps.


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