Do I need to manually update tentacles after upgrade from 3.1.4 to 3.1.6

Call me confused. I’ve read that the calamari/tentacle update is now automatic. However, after updating from 3.1.4 to 3.1.6 the UI reports that all the machines in all the environments need an update. Do I have to push the button and force this, will it get taken care of on the first deployment or at some magic moment?

I don’t want to do the manual upgrade if I don’t have to since that will require me to start up a bunch of development/test environments we have setup at AWS but not started except when needed.


Thanks for getting in touch. The short answer is no, you don’t need to update Tentacles if you don’t want to - it’s your choice.

The longer answer is that we currently use different logic to update Calamari and Tentacle.

Tentacle is built to be highly stable, and highly compatible. Update as you see fit.
Calamari is built to iterate quickly delivering new deployment features. It will be updated automatically.

Calamari (as of Octopus 3.1.6)
Octopus will make sure the version of Calamari you want is running on your Tentacles. It must be the exact version, we don’t use Semantic Versioning to make this decision.

You can update Calamari manually through the Environments Page, or you can let it update automatically as part of a Deployment.

Tentacle (as of Octopus 3.1)
Octopus will let you know if there is a new Tentacle version available, but will only block deployment if the Tentacle is incompatible - guided by Semantic Versioning - indicated by a Major version number change.

You can update Tentacle manually through the Environments Page. Octopus will not update Tentacle unless you tell it to do so.

Hope that helps!