Do Cloned projects continue to inherit settings?

If i clone a project “Base” to a new project “Clone”, then change a setting in “Base” does that setting then change in “Clone”. i.e Do cloned projects inherit their settings from their base project in a parent-child manner ?

I don’t believe this to be the present behaviour. If it isn’t, is it on the roadmap at all ?


This isn’t currently something that is supported.

I’ve requested the above, and perhaps if more of us request it, it will help.

On the plus side, as a workaround, I am using step templates for all of my process steps, and updating the projects whenever I update the steps. Especially now that you can see which projects use the template, it is much easier then before.

As an aside, Octopus uses uservoice to vote for new features. The following would be something you and your team should vote for:

Thanks for the quick reply. I’ve got another question in which relates to how i would effectively do this through the REST api. I’ll wait to see if there is a follow up with regard that - the complexity of doing that, and/or scripting any updating of project changes will influence what if any details i add to the uservoice request.