Display release notes in a manual intervention step

We’d like to have the ability to display the “Release Notes” acquired from the Nuget package - at the beginning of a specific deployment… within a manual intervention step. Currently, accessing the release notes doesn’t work - it will always be an empty string.

Release Notes: #{Octopus.Release.Notes}

Hi Sean,

Thanks for reaching out.

The variable #{Octopus.Release.Notes} contains the Octopus Release’s release notes (see attached image to know where this one comes from). Unfortunately we do not have a variable that hold the Nuget package’s metadata release notes. We do have though a uservoice suggestion to add such variable to our list. Would you mind dropping by and adding some votes to it? https://octopusdeploy.uservoice.com/forums/170787-general/suggestions/7179285-octopus-variable-for-package-s-release-notes

This is one of my personal favorite features I’d like to implement, but unfortunately we can’t put it at the top of our queue without votes from the community.

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