Display Effective Variable Set similar to how testing Permissions can be done

This page has been very helpful in debugging variable issues:

The downside is that this requires modifying debug variables, updating a release, and actually running the deploy process.

In working with this though it we be really useful to have a way to test the ‘effective variables’ for a given environment + role + deployment target combination, similar to how the endpoint /app#/configuration/teams/test can be used to test role permissions. I imagine this would be useful just for testing project + library variable combinations, not simulating the machine environment variables that are populated from the deployment target.

Is there any way currently to do this?

Hi Sean

Thanks for reaching out. This is not currently possible, but it would be cool if you could add it as a sugestion in over here: http://octopusdeploy.uservoice.com/

If many users vote for this and it makes sense for the product, we’ll try to do something about it.


Done: http://octopusdeploy.uservoice.com/forums/170787-general/suggestions/11356257-provide-ability-to-display-effective-variable-valu