Disable the "There must be at least one enabled healthy machine" error?


Is there a way to disable the “There must be at least one enabled healthy machine to deploy to in the environment” error?

We have a build pipeline with automated builds. Sometimes we shutdown machines overnight and out of hours. If builds kick off I’d rather Octopus just deploy silently, even if no tentacles are currently registered.


Hi Mike,

Thanks for getting in touch! When you say ‘deploy silently’ would you expect to see a green tick without warning?
Could you explain a bit more about your concern here where the build succeeding and then assuming pushing a package, being more important than that package being deployed to a machine?
I’d like to really understand as it is a bit of an automated deployment anti-pattern.


Hi sorry for the late reply.

Maybe the issue is a non-zero error code from the command line as it was failing our automated builds. I thought it was throwing a error, but a warning is fine. Either way we can work around it so may as well close this off.