Difficulties using Create Channel - Version Rule screen

my main project has over 40 steps that unpack nuget packages, so when creating a channel and adding a Version Rule, when I’m selecting steps for each version rule, having to select them one at a time is a long and tedious process. It would be great to be able to select steps by checking them off of a list of all nuget steps from the project.

(and in the current design, the drop down to select the one step sometimes drops UP and the top goes higher than the top of the browser and so the top entry or two cannot be accessed. and the browser won’t scroll up any higher. reducing the zoom level of the browser screen helps, but once less then 50%, it’s hard to read.)


Hi Mike,

Thanks for getting in touch. I can understand the frustration this would cause. We’ve opened a couple of UserVoice suggestions that would help address this kind of problem:

You might be interested in helping generate support around this suggestions.

In the meantime, if you have to deal with this size of project frequently you could automate the Channel Version Rule configuration via the Octopus API.

Hope that helps!