Different release number to the one being deployed

Octopus version 3.7.7

I’m seeing some pretty bizarre behaviour with a release which is awaiting approval. I’ve attached a screenshot named ‘release’ which shows the release number waiting to deploy at the top, and also at the start of the steps par tof the screen. However, the release number in the yellow ‘awaiting approval’ box is a totally differnet release number.
What makes this stranger is that in the screenshot named ‘tasks’ The release awaiting approval shows the correct number. Clicking on this item in the tasks page takes me back to the scenario originally described.

Can you help at all? Currently lacking confidence in which release is going to be deployed when I approve this for the team.



Hello Scott,

Thanks for getting in touch. Sorry it’s not that clear and we’re working on improving that part of the user interface.

That part of the interface where it mentions the 20170313.2 release, it’s there because it’s not finished and is waiting for manual intervention, the intention was to let you know that something else is still on going.

If you continue on, your current release 20170404.2 will get deployed. You can click through to the 20170313.2 release to see the details of possibly cancelling it if no longer needed.

If you would like to keep track on the progress of the issue to improve this it’s here: https://github.com/OctopusDeploy/Issues/issues/3370


Hi Nick

Thanks for the reply. I wondered if this was the case, but I couldn’t work out how to prove it. I got stuck looping between the tasks page and the release page before I raised the support ticket. I see what you mean now and will discuss with the devs about cancelling the older release, or at least tidying up.