Different pipelines for different project groups?

Just wondering… we use Octopus for both our public websites and our internal services. For the websites, we have a deployment pipeline of three Octopus environments: Dev, QA and Production. Dev is located within our private network and not reachable from outside.

For the internal services, it would be reasonable to use some similar pipiline, where Dev is setup with contiuous delivery, QA is for testing only and Production is where it will run and used “in production”. However, we don’t want our internal services to run on machines that are reachable from outside our private network environment.

It would be great if “Production” could mean one thing for our Websites project group, and something else for our Internal Services project group. Would something like this be possible?

Project group “public websites”:
Dev -> QA -> Production

Project group “internal services”:
Dev -> Production

Currently you’d need to name each environment differently:

Project group "public websites":
Public Dev -> Public QA -> Public Production

Project group "internal services":
Internal Dev -> Internal Production

This would be the best way to separate it.

Alternatively you can re-use the same environments, but just use different roles. So your public web applications would be deployed to machines with the role “public-web-server” vs. “internal-web-server” for example.