Difference in transform behavior. source vs local

Weird behavior i hope you can help with i need to be workin ASAP.
When sending a transform in the packge for deployment where the transform is in the docroot, it runs the transform on web.config, fails on views/web.config (and it should) and all is good.

When i tell octopus to run the same transform, but from c:\config on the target machine, it transforms the web.config BUT ERRORS THE BUILD on views\web.config.

The transforms are identical.

02:47:31 Info | No matching appSetting, applicationSetting, nor connectionString names were found in: C:\Octopus\Applications\stagingBLUE\ddd.Web\\Areas\v3\Views\Web.config
02:47:31 Verbose | File ‘C:\Octopus\Applications\stagingBLUE\ddd.Web\\bin\ApplicationInsights.Azure.config’ was interpreted as an XML configuration transform; variable substitution won’t be attempted.


02:44:36 Info | Transforming ‘C:\Octopus\Applications\stagingBLUE\ddd.Web\\Areas\v3\Views\Web.config’ using ‘c:\config\Web.Azure.staging.config’.
02:44:36 Verbose | Warning will be elevated to errors. Prevent this by adding the variable Octopus.Action.Package.TreatConfigTransformationWarningsAsErrors and setting it to false.
02:44:36 Error | File c:\config\Web.Azure.staging.config, line 7, position 6:
02:44:36 Error | Microsoft.Web.XmlTransform.XmlNodeException: No element in the source document matches ‘/configuration/connectionStrings/add’
02:44:36 Error | at Microsoft.Web.XmlTransform.Transform.HandleMissingTarget(XmlElementContext matchFailureContext, Boolean existedInOriginal)
02:44:36 Error | at Microsoft.Web.XmlTransform.Transform.HasRequiredTarget()
02:44:36 Error | at Microsoft.Web.XmlTransform.Transform.Execute(XmlElementContext context, String argumentString)
02:44:36 Verbose | Not executing Insert (transform line 7, 300)
02:44:36 Error | File c:\config\Web.Azure.staging.config, line 10, position 6:


Thanks for getting in touch.

You have sent the logs from two different operations. The “good” log is variable substitution and the “WTF?” log is configuration transformation. If you could provide the “good” configuration transformation log I can help determine what the issue is.


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