Difference between cloud and vm version for step 'Deploy an Azure Web App'


(Tijs) #1

I’m trying to migrate our VM (v2018.2.6) to the cloud (v2018.6.9), but having some difficulties.

One of our process steps is ‘Deploy an Azure Web App’. When I create this step in our vm environment:

  1. Execution Plan can be set to Octopus Server
  2. There is an Azure Account section

When I try to do the same in the cloud environment:

  1. Execution Plan defaults to Octopus Server and cannot be changed, but I also must enter a target role which I have not configured
  2. There is no Azure Account section

What’s going on??

(Shaun Marx) #3

Hi Tijs, thanks for getting in touch.

This is expected as we have changed the Azure steps to have a target based approach in the 2018.5 release. Our blog post announcing the release should cover the necessary steps to get you going. Our documentation has also been updated to cover how to use the new Azure targets, for example:

We do support legacy Azure Web App steps but don’t provide any means for you to set steps up as such. What this means is that if you upgraded from 2018.2.6 to 2018.5 or later things would happily have continued working using the legacy steps, but would have provided you with a warning on the step to encourage the new usage. In addition to this, any newly added steps would have required you to use targets instead.

One thing to keep in mind is that we don’t have any limits around targets for the hosted version so shouldn’t really deter you from using the new Azure targets. We also plan to provide a decent story around allowing users to migrate their on-prem instances to a hosted instance, but that isn’t quite ready yet.

Please let us know if you have any concerns or questions!