Diagrams and shapes

Hello Octopus team,

Do you share somewhere the shapes you use in your diagrams (like the one below)?
Maybe a Visio template or just icons bundle?

If not… “Dear Octopus Santa, I was kind all year and I really would like to hype my diagrams.” :santa:

Kind regards,


Hi @gregory.blanc,

While we don’t have anything immediately available, I can say your request has put the wheels in motion to hopefully have something ready in the near future.

I’ll keep you posted as soon as I have any updates!

Happy Holidays & Deployments! :santa:

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Hi @finnian.dempsey,

I’m happy that my request could lead to this, can’t wait! :partying_face:

Happy Holidays!

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Hi, I have a similar request. I want to be able to document a client’s CD/CI pipeline: Octopus , channels + GitHub Actions or TeamCity. I would like show the relevant images in Confluence or Power Point.

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for letting us know about your interest for this!

I’ve re-ignited the previous internal request to see if our assets are available for public use yet, there seems to have been plenty of discussion but no concrete answers yet.

I’ll keep you posted once I have an answer with hopefully a public URL!

Best Regards,

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Thanks Finnian .



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Just a quick update, our design team is going through the required motions to get our complete image library released publicly but it might take a little longer before it’s finalised.

In the meantime, let me know if you had any specific images that you would like to use and I’ll see if I can get them out to you early!

I’ll also make sure to update here with a link once the entire library has been released!

Best Regards,


For me it is being able document key concepts wrt my current client’s set up e.g. life cycles, channels, stages, variables etc. If you could put together some usage samples this will be handy for the community.

Hope that helps