DevOps pipeline build fails on Create Octopus Release stage

Randomly today two of our pipelines started failing, the first was resolved by updating the ‘Push Packages to Octopus’ stage to version 4, I assume this is a recent release, we do however have another pipeline failing, this one is failing on the ‘Create Octopus Release’ stage, we are getting the following errors:

##[error]Error: The process ‘C:\hostedtoolcache\windows\octo\7.3.3\x64\octo.cmd’ failed with exit code 4294967295

##[error]Failed to deploy release The process ‘C:\hostedtoolcache\windows\octo\7.3.3\x64\octo.cmd’ failed with exit code 4294967295

My colleague seems to think this could be an expired SSL Cert, I am sadly am none the wiser.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Best Wishes


Hi Dave,

Thanks for getting in touch!

An update of the CLI tool (7.3.3) was released this morning and we discovered a bug with it. This has since been fixed and a new version released (7.3.4). If you retry the build again you should receive the CLI update and hopefully these errors will be resolved.


Thank you Paul, that is brilliants, works like a charm

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