Dev environment licence options?


Just a quick question does octopus have a development license model available? We currently use octo in production on an hourly basis and are currently at the enterprise license level. Activity testing in production make us all a little nervous and we would like to have a development environment to test patching and code changes in before deploying to our production octo servers. Does anyone have a solution for this, thanks for all your help


Hi Cody,

Thanks for getting in touch! It sounds like you would want to take advantage of Environments. They’re designed to allow for this exact scenario - testing your applications within a testing environment, and promoting them to a new environment (like Production) once you’re ready to do so. You can then control which Environments your application gets promoted to by using Lifecycles. And there are no limits placed on total Environments and Lifecycles you can have in regards to the license :slight_smile:

In case what you’re after is a separate Octopus instance, a maximum of three concurrent Instances are allowed per license, and you can create additional Instances via your Octopus Manager, as shown in our documentation.

Let me know if you have any further questions!