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Any chance we can have a more detailed Task Summary / Task View for scheduled releases? I have to exclude certain targets at times when deploying a release, but don’t see anywhere in the Task Summary or Task View what targets are being excluded / included. Also, ability to Cancel scheduled tasks in one view versus drilling down to each task and cancelling it one by one (accidentally deployed a release to multiple environments and had to go to “Tasks” and click on each deployment to cancel…)

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Hi Tony,

Thank you for the question.

To get a more detailed View on the Tasks for releases, you would need to look into the Tasks log.

The Task summary will only provide you with a high-level understanding of what has happened during the deployment.

To get a more detailed Task summary would need to look at changing the log level.

You will get a lot more information which was not previously displayed:

Additionally, you can see the Targets which are excluded in the Task log:

Furthermore, you could raise a Uservoice request to get this implemented as a feature request.

This link below will take you to the UserVoice page:

I hope this information helps you :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the suggestion, looks like the idea is already on uservoice:

(Tony) #5

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll check out the uservoice page.

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