Deployment using ssh is extremely slow


The issue was reposted

I’m using Octopus Deploy v. 3.2.11 and deploying very lightweight nuget package (12.6 KB) to Ubuntu machine.
The deployment process takes about 16 minutes. Deploy log is attached.
During deployment I see 100% of CPU usage by mono process.

I’m quite sure, I don’t have a network issue.
I cannot believe that deploying such a small package can take 16 min. Any ideas why is it so slow?

@vanessalove has written “This is a mono+Nuget bug”. Is there workaround to increase deployment speed?

ServerTasks-598.log.txt (8 KB)


Thanks for reaching out. As Vanessa mentioned, this is indeed a bug with Nuget+Mono. We’ve seen this bug show up in cases where the Nuget package has a large number of directories in a hierarchy.

A workaround (which is tedious) is to put your files into a tar first, then nuget extracts the single tar file which is much easier to unpack.

In 3.3 we will add support for other package formats like .zip and .tar, which will come in really handy in Linux deployments scenarios like yours as it will leave Nuget out of the equation when extracting your package contents.




Thanks for the answer.
I’ve changed deployment process (put my files to tar), but it was not helpful. Deployment time is still about 15 min.
In general my package does not contain a lot of files/folders.

But I found something interesting. Looks like the bottleneck of deployment is “Finding earlier packages that have been uploaded to this Tentacle” step. (see ServerTasks-788_slow.log.txt)
I checked folder .octopus/OctopusServer/Files and found a lot of packages there. (see screenshot).

After I removed all packages from .octopus/OctopusServer/Files and started deployment again. And voilà, deployment time was just 14 seconds. (see ServerTasks-788_fast.log.txt)

Perhaps it is another issue you want to check to improve deployment.

BR, Alexander

ServerTasks-788_slow.log.txt (9 KB)

ServerTasks-790_fast.log.txt (7 KB)


Do you have retention policies in place? Their goal is to delete those files automatically: