Deployment to IIS with zero downtime

I wonder what options Octopus Deploy provide to update IIS websites without noticeable downtime?

One interesting case is when there is a farm of IIS servers behind a load balancer (F5) and we need to exclude servers from the pool, update and return them to the pool group by group.

Second important case is when there is no load balancer and IIS is directly exposed to Internet. There are a few techniques to update it quickly, such as deploying new bits to the new folder and then “switch” IIS to serve from the new location.

My question is how well scenarios like that are supported in Octopus?


Hi Konstantine,

Thanks for getting in touch! If you have a load balancer then rolling deployments is something that should solve your problem.

If you don’t have a load balanacer then, as you mentioned, you are left with techniques that work “most” of the time and don’t guarantee no downtime.

Another possible option is to use Application Request Routing which is an IIS module and can act as a load balancer.

Please let me know if that doesn’t solve your problem.



Thank you Pawel!

Looks like Rolling deployment is what I need.