Deployment that takes variables from multiple tenants

We have a shared multi-tenant API that requires configuration from multiple Octopus tenants based on a tenant tag set:

Tenant 1 has tenant tag A
Tenant 2 has tenant tag A
Tenant 3 has tenant tag B

Target X has tenant tag A
Target Y has tenant tag B

Project has Channels for tenant tags A and B

I would like my project to be deployed once to each target, in a kind of non-tenanted capacity, but I need variables from each tenant with the tag specified in the channel. So my end result would be:

Project is deployed once to Target X using configuration variables from Tenant 1 and Tenant 2.
Project is deployed once to Target Y using configuration variables from Tenant 3.

I know this is possible by using the Octopus API to iterate tenants, but is there a more intended/integrated way of configuring this kind of arrangement?


Hi Jussi

Thanks for getting in touch!

As each tenant will be in its own deployment and it is currently not possible to have 1 deployment that for 2 tenants, hence it cannot have 1 deployment with variables coming from more than 1 tenant.

If you have some variables that shared between tenants, you might consider using Common Variables for tenant. I have also attached the link for tenant specific variables from here

I hope this helps!

Let me know how you go


Hi Eddy,

Thanks for the reply.

I guess I could move the application’s configuration to a channel-specific location and have a new tenanted project that is just for updating it, it would probably be more upkeep to keep everything in sync, but it could avoid requiring API calls.

I think I’m going to try both solutions and see which is better.

Hi Jussi

No worries, feel free to contact again if you need any more help and let me know how you go.


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