Deployment Targets are Healthy (green) but they are skipped

(Aref) #1

All our deployment projects have started to fail (whilst they were fine up until last night) because all steps in all projects get skipped with this message:

"Skipping this step as no matching targets were found "

We have not changed anything. The targets are healthy (green) in Octopus Server Cloud. Health Checks passes. I have even added a health check step to the projects but still, all steps are skipped. This has affected all the projects!

Is anybody else facing this issue? Any suggestions?

(Tom Peters) #5

Hey Aref,

I’ve already responded to your email about this, but I’m putting the message here as well to close out this request publicly: I believe you hit this issue, which has been fixed in 2019.10.12. We are upgrading your hosted instance of Octopus to 2019.10.12, which should resolve this bug.