Deployment Target Trigger not firing on new deployment

Hi there,

I’m trying to spin up Windows machines via an AWS Auto Scaling group. The launch script successfully downloads the latest Octopus MSI, installs it and runs through the setup process for a polling tentacle. The tentacle appears in “Deployment Targets” as I’d expect to see it.

I’ve got two projects that I’ve set Deployment target triggers on, which match the environment and role of the new instance, using the suggested “Machine becomes available for deployment” event. There are steps in both projects that are also scoped for the matching environment and role.

Looking through the log for the new tentacle Events, it registers and becomes healthy, but the triggers don’t even attempt to fire.

There is, allegedly, documentation for working with elastic workloads at Elastic and transient environments - Octopus Deploy but it doesn’t actually link to anything resembling documentation for this, only a couple of example scenarios.

I’d like to figure out what I’m doing wrong or if I somehow have the wrong idea of what this is supposed to do. What I want is that on registration of a new Tentacle, the triggers for the project fire and the latest successful release is deployed without any intervention.


Hi @daniel.tharp,

Sorry to see you’re running into issues. What you described looks like a correct setup.

It might be the quickest for us to get to the bottom of this if we could log into your Cloud instance. We need explicit permission to be able to do this. If that is something you’re ok with, could you please DM me with the name of your cloud instance?

Otherwise, if you’d rather work through this without us logging in could I please get a DM with the following:

  • A screenshot of the Trigger and how it’s set up.
  • A screenshot of the Overview page for the Project.
  • A screenshot of the Target setup

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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