Deployment System is healthy

We have the Octopus Environment and we are not able to understand why the Deployment System is unhealthy and if I run the health check the warning I get is already there is a running process.
Please let me know how to investigate this issue and this is a new tool for me.

Hi Gaurav,

Sorry to hear that you are running into an issue with your Octopus install.

Firstly, can you please confirm the version of Octopus that you are using? If you are using a version of Octopus older than 3.17.9 I would recommend upgrading if at all possible [preferably to 2018.3.1] as we have greatly improved our handling of tasks and task cancellations in the intervening releases.

Without knowing which version you are on it’s hard to be specific in the advice I can give, however one way to identify running tasks is to use our API, specifically by using /api/tasks?running=True. For this to run you will need to log in to your Octopus server, then replace the /app#/* with http://localhost/api/tasks?running=True and it will show any tasks that are in a running state. For an example on my system that would look like http://OctopusServer/api/tasks?running=True

Once you have identified those tasks you can view the task page by getting the Task ID and heading to /app#/tasks/ServerTasks-xxx where xxx is the task ID of the running task. Again, for my example that would look like http://OctopusServer/app#/tasks/ServerTasks-456.

If the task fails to cancel for any reason can you please attach the raw task log of the task and attach it to this ticket?

I hope that helps, please let me know if there is anything else that I can assist with,


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