Deployment scripts in "Deploy an Azure App Service" tasks


The “Deploy an Azure App Service” step does not provide an option for inline custom deployment scripts in the step template, like the old “Deploy an Azure Web App” step does. However, putting scripts in the package package as described in the docs (Scripts in packages - Octopus Deploy) seem to work. However, the “Deploy an Azure App Service” step is not included in the list of supported steps in the docs.

Are custom scripts in “Deploy an Azure App Service” steps officially supported? And if that’s the case, will inline scripts also become available at some point?

Although custom scripts are mentioned in the “Azure tools” sections it would be good to be clear:

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There shouldn’t be any problems using the step in this way. I believe that page on the doc has likely not been updated since this new step was added.


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Would it be possible to update the docs? So that we can be sure it’s a documented and supported feature. :slight_smile:

And a followup question - is there any plans for adding support for custom deployment scripts through the step template for “Deploy an Azure App Service”?

Not a problem, I’ve already raised it with our docs team to review.

I’ll also drop a message to our steps team to see if they plan on adding this as a UI option.

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

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