Deployment screen slowness when there are multiple pending interventions

(mball) #1

On a deployment with about 15 interventions the screen will take about 4 minutes to load. I’m running 2019.9.10 LTS. Is there a later version available to fix this issue?

(Dalmiro Grañas) #2

Hi @mball,

Thanks for reaching out! Could you share me the full URL of the screen you are talking about, along with a screenshot that shows these 15 interventions (if possible)?

I’d like to reproduce that locally before bringing it to the team as an Issue.


(mball) #4

Hi Dalmiro,

Here is the page: /app#/Spaces-1/projects/myprojectname/releases/0.0.1505/deployments/Deployments-75101?activeTab=taskSummary

(mball) #5

Were you able to reproduce the issue?

(Dalmiro Grañas) #6

Hi @mball,

I’m very sorry for the delay here. I just got back from my holidays, and since this conversation was assigned to me, none of my teammates could see the new replies on it.

Do you still need help with this issue? If you do, could you tell me if you are running your Octopus Server on your own infrastructure or if you are using our cloud offer?


(mball) #7

Yes, the problem is still happening. I am running Octopus on my own hardware.