Deployment Process Steps

In an existing project we have a process setup with the following structure.

  1. Deploy ProjectName
    1.1. IIS AppPool Restart (script)
    1.2. Get NuGet Package
    1.3. Clean Up BIN Folder
    1.4. Deploy ProjectName

Step 1 only contains a Step name and Runs on target roles fields.

When I try to setup the process for a new project I can’t seem to get that simple outer grouping step.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi Chris,

Thank you for reaching out. From the information you have provided, it looks like you are trying to utilise the Child Steps feature in Octopus which is a part of a Rolling deployment.

The following is a snippet from our Rolling Deployment documentation, specifically the Child step section:

Rolling deployments allow you to wait for a step to finish on one deployment target before starting the step on the next deployment target. But what if you need to perform a series of steps on one target, before starting that series of steps on the next target? To support this, Octopus allows you to create Child Steps. 

We have some great documentation on how you can configure a Rolling Deployment and use Child steps.

Please let me know if this helps and do not hesitate to reach out for any further help you may need.

Best Regards,

Based on your info I got the Rolling Deployment configured, I think.

However, when comparing the existing project to the new project the new project shows a “Window size” drop down, but the existing project doesn’t.

Does this mean I have configured something incorrectly? I was trying to setup the project exactly like the existing one, since it works without issue.

Hi Chris,

Great to hear the information helped you to configure your Rolling Deployments. The Window Size drop down option you are seeing, is a feature which is a part of Rolling Deployments and should be displayed by default. It is used to tell Octopus how many deployment targets can be deployed to at once. This is covered in our documentation on Rolling Deployments that was linked in my previous response.

With your case and the missing Window Size drop down in your existing project, this could be caused due to a bug which was fixed in Octopus Server version 3.8.0. Are the new and existing projects running on the same installation of Octopus Server, or are you trying to copy existing project settings to a new installation of Octopus Server?

It is possible that Window Size was configured on the existing project and is now not displaying. If you would like the existing project to display correctly we would need to confirm whether it is the bug mentioned above. Could you provide us with a screenshot of the existing projects Rolling Step group, where the Window Size option should be? This will assist with confirming this possible scenario.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,

It’s probably a bug due to the old version we’re on, which is In the near future we’ll be upgrading to the latest version. Do you think the Window size will show up when we upgrade?

I inherited this the admin of TeamCity and Octopus, so it’s a learning curve for me right now, but with your help I was able to get the new project up and running correctly.

Hi Chris,
The window size should be visible when you next upgrade to the latest version. I’ll add that you may notice quite a few new features since your version!
Hope that helps,