Deployment process step result

I’m writing a bash script for a project process step.
This script uses the raw scripting method to a Linux environment via SSH.

is it possible to control how Octopus deploy interprets the result of the SSH command?
For example, if it was to exit with code 0, I’d assume that means that no error has occured.
Can I set an exit code that gets interpreted as either ‘failed’ or ‘warning’? Is the use of an exit code even the right way to do this?

In my particular scenario, I have a deployment pipeline already set up, and I want to introduce a step to automate UI testing. Now these tests may fail for a number of reasons (such as the test being written before the functionality is actually implemented) - in which case I would want the deployment to be marked as having passed, but with warnings.
I am kicking off a docker container to compile and run my tests (on demand) on my target machine as part of my deployment process using raw bash scripting.

Hi Jason,

Thanks for getting in touch! I’m sorry about the delay in getting back to you. Unfortunately there’s no way I’m aware of to modify how exit codes are interpreted. However since it’s been a bit of time since you’ve posted this question, I’m curious if you’ve been able to find a solution in the mean time?

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