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We are using Octopus deployment tool in system testing environments for automation deployment, thanks for making this wonderful tool which makes life easier for us.

Now, we need to extend this Octopus Deploy tool features to UAT and Production deployment.
The challenge is that these UAT and Production windows servers are outside the enterprise network that is in clients network ( CAPON machines ).
So, currently we are doing manual deployment ( Application and Database ) on UAT and Production server. We followed the deployment lifecycle as System Testing -> UAT -> Production.
We used to do the deployment in UAT by taking latest deploy code from System testing via following medium of connectivity -
• Citrix from Enterprise Network
• Citrix from Enterprise Network through RSA software token
• Pulse Secure through RSA software token
• Juniper Client through RSA hardware token
• Cisco Anyconnect Secure Mobility Client

How can we use Octopus Deploy tool for UAT and Production deployments ? Please advise.


Hi Ayan,

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Looking at the network pathway you have I don’t see a way that we would be able to route a Tentacle connection through the various connection types, unless you have the ability to setup a direct VPN from your Octopus Server to your deployment targets in UAT/Prod (which is unlikely).

The approach that I would recommend in this case is to use Offline Drop deployment targets to model your UAT and Production environments. This will allow you to maintain all of the functionality of Octopus without requiring a permanent network connection.

I would also be interested in your thoughts on our Remote Release Promotions RFC. While this feature currently isn’t under active development we would appreciate any insight you could provide, it would help us frame our roadmap and the features required to make RRP a useful addition to Octopus.

Please let me know if you have any followup questions,


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Hi Alex,

Thanks for your suggestion.

We are using Offline Drop feature.

If we will face any issue then we will again contact with you.


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