Deployment Icon Fading

Since upgrading to 3.4 (currently on 3.4.6) I have noticed that the deployment icon “fading” on the overview page of a project has changed. Before, it would be brightest for the latest deployment in each environment. Now, it is only brightest on the most recent deployment, fading the others, regardless of environment. As such, it now shows our most recent Production push as “old” because we’ve since had a new deployment in Test.

This seems to only be happening with projects with channels. None of the non-default channels have releases created, but I’m not sure why channels would change this feature. Is this intended? Is there a way to disable this?

I can include screenshots if need be.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for getting in touch! I would love to see the screenshots to understand exactly your scenario and what you are seeing as otherwise I may be guessing when I try to replicate it.
Feel free to set the thread private or email them through to support at octopus dot com.


Sure this. When we don’t have channels in a project, the deployment page looks how it did prior to 3.4. (See ‘Deploy without channels.PNG’) The most recent deployment per environment is in full color, with prior deployments in that environment being faded. As such, there is one full color deployment per environment, showing the most recent deployment.

In 3.4 with projects with channels (See ‘Deploy with channels.PNG’) we now only get the most recent deployment per-project, not per-environment. In the example screenshot, is the most recent deployment in every environment, but only the PROD deploy is in full color.

While a simple change, it’s caused some confusion over what is currently installed in each environment, as this behavior has changed. Is this intended, or is there a way to change it?

Hi Chris,

Absolutely looks incorrect! I will have it replicated. We may need extra info - but I will let you know.


Hi Chris,

We can’t exactly replicate this. Did you set any channel version rules in the new channel you created? Could I get a screenshot of that also please.
Pretty close to replication but ours was slightly different and I don’t want to fix what we found if it doesnt match yours and could potentially not be fixed :slight_smile:


Hey Vanessa,

No problem, I’m happy to help. Been using Octopus since 1.0 at an old company, so anything I can offer.

I don’t have package version rules, as you can see in the below screenshots, but I am using different Lifecycles that also use different environments. The lifecycles are as such:



So my guess would be either it’s because of different lifecycles, or because the lifecycles use some of the same environments (UAT and PROD overlap).

Also worth noting that the Hotfix Channel has not had any releases created to date.

I can send you any other info you may need, or if you need me to try changing lifecycles, just let me know.


Hi Chris,

Thanks! We managed to replicate it. Here is the issue for you to track: