Deployment hangs

We are experiencing deployment to the server hanging at different stages of the process. The health check looks fine. Upon examining the Octopus Tentacle log, this there is an error message. This seems to occur at random time.

2014-08-19 15:25:30.1636  ERROR  Undeliverable message detected: Pipefish.Messages.Delivery.DeliveryFailureEvent from: ScriptActionOrchestrator-ArQ-ATPBBkQ3+w@SQ-IRV-DEVOPS-LAB2-3C368B37 to: TentacleScriptRun-ArQ-ATPBBfSFGQ@SQ-IRV-PRP-DODB1-2772B18A
 - Body is: {"FailedMessage":{"Id":"074fe5a7-20eb-428d-95dd-a3d588f86c59", "From":{"SerializedValue":"TentacleScriptRun-ArQ-ATPBBfSFGQ@SQ-IRV-PRP-DODB1-2772B18A"}, "Headers":{"Expires-At":"635466759239416297", "In-Reply-To":"55f03353-8ace-4a14-91d1-b1b1c2104e90","MessageStore-Envelope-NoFwd":"08D18A139EF5ADC300027F2B"}, "To":{"SerializedValue":"ScriptActionOrchestrator-ArQ-ATPBBkQ3+w@SQ-IRV-DEVOPS-LAB2-3C368B37"}, "MessageType":"Octopus.Platform.Deployment.Messages.Deploy.Script.TentacleScriptRunEvent", "Body":{"$type":"Octopus.Platform.Deployment.Messages.Deploy.Script.TentacleScriptRunEvent, Octopus.Platform.Deployment", "CreatedArtifacts":[], "OutputVariables":[], "RetentionTokens":[]}},"Error":{"Message":"Actor does not exist","Detail":null}}

Hi Curtis,

Thanks for getting in touch! What that error is showing is communication between the Tentacle and Octopus server. Sometimes an actor has already finished when the Tentacle or Octopus server go looking for them at the other end, it can also be caused by network dropouts.
What will really help us is a full deployment log
Feel free to mask any sensitive data, mark the thread as private or email it to support at octopusdeploy dot com

Also is it just one tentacle this is occurring on? Has it always been this way? Any extra information about the tentacle itself, version numbers for Tentacle/Octopus and server OS details might also help, as well as including a bit of information about the network.