Deployment fails with unable to recognize "ingress.yml"


We have recently upgraded from Octopus Deploy 2021.1.7469 → 2021.2.7650 on our On-premise Server

After this update we have one deployment which fails with the following error:

error: unable to recognize “ingress.yml”: no matches for kind “Ingress” in version “

We have several other deployment projects which use Ingress setup which do not fail, so can’t tell what is the difference.

I suspect the problem comes becourse we run Kubernetes 1.15, so no support for Ingress in namespace “”.
But then I would expect our other projects to also fail.

Please let me know it you would like a dump of the Task Log.

Kind regards

Hi Søren,

Thanks for getting in touch!

I believe you are correct that this is related to the Kubernetes version. We have recently updated the API Version being used for the ingress resource (Update the apiVersion of the K8s Ingress resources. · Issue #6881 · OctopusDeploy/Issues · GitHub).

Our developer does provide a potential workaround in the last comment of the above linked issue that may be useful to you if upgrading Kubernetes is not an option.


Hi Paul

That is a big change for us to do, which means it is not something we can do right away.

Why was this breaking change not mentioned in the Release Notes?

If this had been mentioned, I would never have updated to the current version before having an upgrade plan prepared.

How do I now revert to an earlier version of Octopus Deploy?
According to your link, I need to get back to a version before: 2021.2.6316
It seems that have to be 21.1.7826


I’m unsure why this change was only listed in the notes but not specifically listed as a breaking change. I have queried this with our engineering team.

Unfortunately, the only method of rolling back Octopus is to restore a copy of the database from before the upgrade was applied.

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