Deployment Cancellation Hangs - Octopus v3.1.2


I’m using Octopus v3.1.2. I’ve cancelled a deployment, but the cancellation hangs. On the release, the cancellation reads, “Cancellation has been requested, attempting to stop the task.”

Troubleshooting I’ve attempted:

  1. Restart tentacle.
  2. Re-register tentacle.
  3. Started tentacle in Debug mode, nothing useful in the logs.

Any idea how I can resolve this? Subsequent deploys are blocked stating that they’re waiting for this deploy to complete.

Help much appreciated as it’s proving to be a blocker.

I resolved this by deleting the offending deployment. Not ideal as this may reoccur at a later date.


Thanks for getting in touch! From the error message it looks like the SQL server connection had an issue.
When you have cancellation issues like this you can restart the Octopus Server service and any open deployments will be cancelled (apart from those waiting for a manual intervention).
You will have to be sure no other deployments are running. Any activity on the Tentacle won’t help unblock the issue.

If it happens again, before you restart - grab the server logs so we can see what the underlying issue might be and find a way to cancel it cleanly.

Hope this helps.