Deployment assets for Microsoft Products (Dynamics, SharePoint)

Do you have any assets (e.g. scripts/demos/guidance) or experience deploying customization for some of the products in the MS suite:

  • Dynamics CRM (Managed Solution)
  • SharePoint 2010/2013 (e.g. WSP, SP 2013 App)
  • Dynamics AX



Thanks for getting in touch! So the answer is a hazy yes to this question. I know of one client that uses Octopus to deploy SharePoint sites.
As another customer has pointed out on a recent blog post:

I have used a very similar process to deploy Classic ASP sites. My motto is 'If you can get it into a NuGet package Octopus can deploy it'. I've also deployed Matlab files to a filestore location, Excel Services add-ins, and console apps used by our Enterprise Job Scheduler.

If you can get your files into a NuGet Package, and if you can create PowerShell scripts and are deploying to Windows Servers, Octopus CAN deploy it.
But we do not have any native steps or templates specifically designed for these processes, so it will come down to how much effort or scripting will be needed to automate it with Octopus.

As for us personally having any experience in this or guides, i’m sorry to say we do not.

You can use what the CRM team give us today, the Dynamics CRM Powershell Commandlets with OctopusDeploy. See:
Administer the deployment using Windows PowerShell

or the popular CRM tool

Lifecycle Management for CRM Application Solutions
Stay agile, manage change, achieve developer isolation and quickly deploy CRM solutions across multiple environments
More info

I’d be interested in what you end up doing and if you are interested in getting to Continuous Deployment

Good luck.