Deploying web application in virtual directories with their own application pool


We have a lot of web applications that we deploy below a website as a virtual directory. Each web application has it own application pool (due to different requirements). I’ve tried the “Deploy NuGet package” step template, but some of the stuff I need is under Web site and if I use that, it changes Default Web Site application pool instead of the virtual directory.

Any ideas how to create a virtual directory and a web application pool (assigned to one of the options) and assign the application pool to the virtual directory?

Hi Anders,

Thanks for getting in touch! In this situation I would suggest making use of some of our Library templates such as for creating an app pool, and creating a virtual directory around our usual package step.!/listing It will give you the flexibility you need for when these steps need to run in the process.

Hope that helps!

We downloaded and adapted some of the step templates to solve the problem. Are there any documentation for how to create step templates?