Deploying to Tentacles over the Internet


Im not sure if its possible, but i need to deploy to endpoints that aren’t on the same subnet or connected via VPN, so purely over http/https

I’ve test the connection using the tentacle ping test which is successful, so i know the octopus server can hit the endpoint, but i cant add it.



Hi Tom,

Sorry to hear that you can’t deploy a package to a tentacle.

When you mean “tentacle ping test” are you referring to the tentacle health checks ?
Could you send us the log for the deployment that failed, ?


Hi John,

There is a tool called tentacle ping/pong test that verifies that the tentacle is available on the target endpoint.

I’ve not been able to add a endpoint to octopus, that is my issue.

When i monitor the firewall logs i can see that the octopus server isn’t even attempting to communicate over the internet. If i post the endpoint url in a browser on the octopus server i can see the logs appear in the firewall. So i know that the octopus server can hit that endpoint, i know that the tentacle is available following the ping/pong test so it looks like octpus console doesn’t call out over the internet.


I’ve sorted this now, it seems any external endpoints need to be manually configured rather that letting Octopus discovery the server automatically.

Hi Tom,

Thanks for letting us know, if there is any other issue, let us know.